Our next show

September 8 at 7pm

Prepare to have your preconceptions flipped as our next show turns GUILTY PLEASURES into proud passions. Join us as our performers defend their most embarrassing habits, from sneaky supermarket strategies to questionable crushes (e.g. Shrek). You never know, you might be inspired to try something new…

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About Waffle Club

Join your host Tom Rolfe for an unpredictable and heart-warming night of amateur comedy, true stories and bad powerpoint presentations!

Tommy’s Waffle Club is an open mic powerpoint party: a friendly comedy night for awkward milquetoasts like me to share their silliest ideas with the world via the medium of over-the-top slideshows. We have a rotating roster of volunteers who present slides that are equal parts weird, wonderful, and WTF.

Our (mostly) amateur comedians deliver presentations based on a new theme each show. Past sets have answered some of life’s big questions, including:

  • Does the Bible pass the Bechdel test?
  • What’s the sexiest medieval helm?
  • Can you make ice cream from baked beans?
  • Is Neopets just Scientologist propaganda?
  • Should Tony Hawk officiate my wedding?
  • Is Mr Tickle technically human?

Check out this no-context trailer to get an idea of Waffle Club’s vibe in 60 seconds.

A new theme every show

What people are saying

Waffle Club encourages participation from people who may be wary of open mics, and who would value a safe space in which to step on a stage, often for the first time.
Bristol 24/7

I was always too scared to perform at a conventional open mic show, so I did what any sane person would do and started my own comedy night instead!
Tom Rolfe, interview with The Wardrobe Theatre

“Tom’s ironically painful malfunctioning slideshow was delivered with conviction and creativity.”
State of the Arts

“You can steal the format if you want but I’d prefer you called it something else.”
Sophie Bishop, creator of Bristol Show and Tell